Public Safety Board

Role of the Board

The Board shall act in an advisory capacity to, and support direction given by, the City Council on public safety issues in accordance with Council goals and priorities. Community public safety matters include but are not limited to Neighborhood Watch program development, emergency preparedness, volunteer response training opportunities, pedestrian safety, and seasonal and emergent community safety issues. The Board shall support and promote community efforts to support Neighborhood Watch, emergency preparedness, and community public safety programs by actively engaging and participating in community events.


  • 5 p.m.
  • Second Tuesday Monthly
  • Snohomish Carnegie, 105 Cedar Ave, Snohomish, WA 98290*

*We also offer remote attendance via Zoom. See the meeting agenda for the link.

The Public Safety Board meetings are open to the public. Board meetings may occasionally be relocated, cancelled, or rescheduled. For more information view the Public Safety Board Agendas.


MemberPosition / Title
Four-Year Term Expires
Teri McDonnellPosition One 
April 30, 2024
Stephanie StromPosition TwoApril 30, 2024
Debby LippincottPosition ThreeApril 30, 2027
Jill Clark FulmerPosition Four
April 30, 2027
Peter MessingerPosition Five
April 30, 2026
Holly UrnessPosition SixApril 30, 2025
Sara WagnerPosition SevenApril 30, 2025

Snohomish Coalition of Neighborhood Watch

The Snohomish Coalition of Neighborhood Watch is the City’s main resource to help citizens create watches and coordinate information between existing ones.  The Coalition assists in and guides formation of neighborhood watch with oversight from the Snohomish Public Safety Board and input from the Snohomish Police, Council, Mayor and City staff. Learn more and sign up.