Youth Council

The Snohomish Youth Council provide a vital link between the youth of Snohomish and the greater community by initiating communication with local government, schools, and community organizations. Under the direction of Mayor Linda Redmon and City Councilmember Judith Kuleta, and Snohomish High School Advisor Kaci Cowan, the up to 15-member council are the liaisons to local government and are empowered advisors to advocate for causes and policies relevant to the youth of our community.  The following students were nominated by Mayor Redmon for appointment to the Snohomish Youth Council for 2022-23: 

12th Grade 

  • Madison Bursch
  • Khalea Thoeuk
  • Anna McPherson
  • Cassidy O'Neil
  • Jamyn Smith
  • Khalea Thoeuk 

11th Grade

  • Kaylie Baxter
  • Cassie Chin
  • Mary Clarke
  • Molly Dumont
  • Jayden Power
  • Andrew Seamons
  • Anika Smith
  • Mallery Welch

10th Grade

  • Ximenna Camacho Mendez

Interested in becoming a member?  Apply using this application.

A photo of Snohomish High Youth Council, Mayor Linda Redmon