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City of Snohomish Adopted Budget for 2023-24 Biennium

Mayor Linda Redmon presented her proposed 2023-24 budget to the City Council on October 18, 2022. Based on an overarching theme of “Preserving and Strengthening Our Community,” she focused on investments in long-deferred maintenance of the City’s infrastructure, public safety, emergency preparedness, and modernization of City’s services. 

In addition to the budget book and presentation materials below, the City has also included a budget calculator for the General Fund. This Excel file allows the people of Snohomish to see what the impact of different decision packages and revenue sources has on the budget. By selecting “Yes” or “No” to each decision package item, as well as selecting a percentage for various revenue options, the calculator will show what the ending fund balance would be and what that does for future budget forecasts.

2023-2024 Budget Snapshot


The activities and operations of the Finance Department include accounting, finance, utility billing, payroll, and information services. The Finance Department coordinates activities with other departments and outside agencies to promote the efficient and effective use of the city’s financial resources. Our Finance Department is committed to providing the highest levels of financial services and excellent customer service to the public.

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