Terrace Ave and 16th St

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City engineers are considering options for Terrace Avenue and 16th Street for intersection and roadway use by pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles, and other modes of transportation. The City seeks input from impacted residents!

Current roadway challenges include:

  • Pavement width of Terrace Ave. and 16th St. limits the space for non-motorized users (e.g., pedestrians, bicyclists).
  • Widening the pavement or constructing a sidewalk will impact the driveways and yards of homes. 
  • The width of pavement on 16th St. east of Pine Ave varies, the north shoulder is grass and asphalt, the south shoulder is grass and gravel, and segments of both shoulders are used for parking.
  • Pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists are forced to share the road due to narrow pavement width.

City staff are evaluating the following options and seeking input from the impacted residents at the Community Meeting on October 18:

  • Add an Advisory Shoulder – Delineate travel lanes for vehicles and an advisory shoulder on the east side for non-motorized users. Vehicles must yield to non-motorized users and only pass when it is clear.
  • Implement a Controlled, All-Way Stop – Install stop signs and stop bars on Terrace Ave and 16th St. at the intersection.
  • Add Striping – Delineate travel lanes for vehicles at the intersection of Terrace Avenue and 16th Street.
  • No Improvements - the current segment meets the current levels of standards and can be left as-is.

Local Improvement District (LID) - Property owners pay a proportionate share for engineering design and installation of full curb, gutter, and sidewalk including retaining walls, regrading of driveways, and necessary stormwater improvements.

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October 18, 2023 Community Meeting

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Terrace Ave and 16th Street Pedestrian Improvements

  1. Add striping and an advisory shoulder
  2. Implement a controlled, all-way stop
  3. Local Improvement District (LID)
  4. No improvements
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