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Plumbing & Mechanical Permit Application Form - Residential Only


  1. 1. Instructions & Disclaimers
  2. 2. Permit Application
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  • Instructions & Disclaimers


      Before submitting an online application, please determine whether the property is within the Snohomish city limits. You may have a Snohomish mailing address and not be in the city. If you are not in the city limits of Snohomish, the jurisdiction from which you must obtain your permit may be Snohomish County or another city. Property within the city of Snohomish is identified on the map linked below.

    2. Plumbing / Mechanical Permit Application Form

      Fill in the form below and click submit. Important: you must complete the form in one session; you may not save the form and return to it. Call the Permit Center with questions about this form at 360-282-3156.

    3. Purpose

      Residential plumbing and mechanical permits not requiring review (over the counter) may be pulled online using this form. Examples of over the counter permits include single family hot water heater and furnace replacements. This option should only be used if the work is not associated with other construction on site.

    4. Permit not Guaranteed

      Submittal of this form does not guarantee issuance of a permit. City staff will review the application and may issue a permit based on the information provided. Please note all permit fees must be paid before an inspection will be conducted.

    5. Invoice and Permit will be Emailed

      If your application is approved, City staff will email your permit with an invoice. The invoice must be paid in full prior to receiving inspection services for the work covered under this permit.