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COVID-19 Utility Support and Rent Relief Grant Application Form

  1. City of Snohomish -Application for COVID-19 Utility Support and Rent Relief Grant

    City Council has implemented a Utility Support and Rent Relief Grant Program to assist residents financially impacted by COVID-19. The program is funded through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security(CARES) Grant. Eligible residents may apply for a one-time not to exceed $500 non-refundable credit either applied directly to the resident’s utility account or, if the City utility costs are included in the resident's rent payment, sent to their landlord. Rent relief grants are only offered to residents that don’t receive any other type of housing assistance. The Council has approved $100,000 for this program. Applications will be accepted as long as funds are available but no later than November 13, 2020. Only one application per residential address will be accepted.

  2. To qualify for the program applicant must be a resident of the City of Snohomish. Applicants must be currently unemployed OR be low income and meet household income limits below. Residents approved for low-income senior rates are not eligible. Documentation of eligibility is required.

  3. Low-Income: A household must meet the following thresholds of low-income as defined by the Seattle-Bellevue, WA HUD Metro FMR Area as published by Housing and Urban Development as of April 2020: Presently, the maximum income levels are set at the amounts below:

  4. Reduced Rate Income Limits

  5. Application:

    Please answer all required questions and upload all required documentation.

  6. Eligibility

    Only residents of the City of Snohomish are eligible for this program. Please don't submit an application if you don't live in the city limits of Snohomish, WA.

  7. Are you a City of Snohomish Resident*

  8. Only residents of the City of Snohomish are eligible for this program. Please don't submit an application if you don't live in the city limits of Snohomish, WA.

  9. Which grant are you applying for?

  10. Total Grant Amount Requested must be no more than $500.

  11. If applying for Utility Support Grant

  12. If applying for a rent relief grant, are you receving housing support from any other agencies?

  13. Are you currently unemployed?*

  14. If you are applying due to Low Income please complete questions below:

  15. Required Supporting Documents

    If applying due to Unemployment- Documentation from WA State Employment Security.

  16. If applying due to Low Income a copy of your 2019 Income Tax Return.

  17. If applying for a Rental Relief Grant - Copy of rental agreement showing you as the tenant, term of agreement, monthly rental amount, and name, address and phone of landlord.

  18. Upload Documents

    Please upload copies of your supporting documents as listed above. You may upload .pdf, jpeg, or .png types of files. If you are unable to upload your supporting documents please download the application from our website and mail to City of Snohomish, PO Box 1589, Snohomish, WA 98291 OR place in City Hall Utility Drop Box located south side of City Hall at 116 Union Ave. across from the flag poles.

  19. I have attached all required documents. If documentation is missing your application will NOT be processed.*

  20. “This project was supported by a grant awarded by US Department of the Treasury. Points of view in this document are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the US Department of the Treasury. Grant funds are administered by the Local Government Coronavirus Relief Fund thru the Washington State Department of Commerce.”

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