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Hotel/Motel Tax Grant Application


  1. 1. Activity Information
  2. 2. Budget & Signature
  • Activity Information

    1. What type of non-profit is your organization?*

    2. Will there be an admission charge for this activity?*

    3. Can you operate this activity with reduced funding if you aren't awarded the full request?*

    4. Is this a new or continuing activity?*

    5. Do you expect this to be an annual activity, requiring regular and continued funding from this grant program?*

    6. Thoroughly define and quantify the expected results of the activity described above. Describe how this activity attracts, serves and facilitates tourism in the City of Snohomish. For example: Does it lodge or feed tourists; promote tourism; provide for the sale of gifts, souvenirs or other items, or provide programs & entertainment for tourism and how? Does it provide some other short or long-range economic benefit please define? Fully describe how you will evaluate the success of the project. For example: number of attendees, number of over night stays generated, etc.

    7. What is your anticipated time for accomplishing this project? Is it a seasonal activity appropriate to its location? If an outdoor activity, are there any weather related constraints?

    8. Does your proposed activity require overnight lodging? If so have you contacted a City of Snohomish lodging establishment about your project? Please indicate which establishment(s) you have contacted.

    9. Use this space to inform the Committee of any other information that would be relevant in granting your application.