Bickford Mixed Use Project

The Proposal

An application has been submitted to construct a senior assisted living/congregate care facility at 2502 Bickford Avenue.  A 30-lot Unit Lot Subdivision is proposed on the west side of Cemetery Creek, for detached, single-family housing for seniors.  The proposal includes landscaping and open space, surface and structured parking facilities, utility and frontage improvements, a roadway/bridge across Cemetery Creek, and critical areas preservation and mitigation.

Proposed site plan

Bickford Mixed Use site plan

Application materials

All materials that have been submitted for this proposal can be accessed from the Self-Service Permit Portal.

Public Hearing

Because the project includes a Unit Lot Subdivision, a public hearing in front of the Hearing Examiner will be required.  However the hearing has not yet been scheduled.  Refer to the platting process graphic below to see the general timeline of the review process.

Public Comments

The Notice of Application for this project was issued on November 19, 2021.  Several public comments have been received to-date.  Additional notices will be published when the environmental review is complete, and when the public hearing is scheduled.  You may comment on the proposal at any time prior to, and at the public hearing.  Those who comment on the proposal will be made parties of record, and will receive all future notices, including the notice of decision, when issued.  Click the orange comment button in the panel on the right side of the screen to submit a comment on the proposal, or email Planner Brooke Eidem.

The Platting Process

Below is a helpful infographic that illustrates the sequence of events involved in a subdivision (or plat).  Click on the image for a larger version.

platting process infographic

Click to view larger