Midtown District

The Midtown Planning District is the Commercial-zoned area of the city on the Avenue D corridor from Sixth Street north to SR 9.  We're studying this area because generally it seems ready for redevelopment and because the former Snohomish County public works yard site on the west side of Avenue D opposite 13th Street has been declared surplus by the County and will likely be sold to developers soon.  

The goal of the Midtown Planning District Project is to create a revitalized Midtown that will create jobs and increase residents' shopping, work, activity, and housing options, including increasing the amount of affordable housing in the city.  The end product is expected to be an update of development regulations and Comprehensive Plan policies for the District that occur in a way that benefits the community and is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.  

Task Force 

A Midtown Planning District Task Force was created by the City Council to lead this project.  Their main task is to draft new development regulation and make policy recommendations for the Planning Commission to consider.

Task Force members were appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.  The members of the Task Force are:

  • Chairperson: Rio Ingram
  • Vice-Chairperson: Raymond Cook (Economic Development Committee)
  • Alice Armstrong
  • Gordon Cole (Economic Development Committee; Planning Commission)
  • Mitch Cornelison (Planning Commission)
  • Paula Denney
  • Karl Houtman
  • Thomas Kreinbring  
  • Ethan Martez  
  • Jeanette Pop  
  • Kyle Stevens  
  • Katherine Thompson 
  • Van Tormohlen (Planning Commission)

City Council Liaisons

  • Judith Kuleta
  • Tom Merrill
  • Donna Ray (alternate)
midtown planning district (2)
Midtown Planning District (cropped map)

All Midtown Task Force meetings are open to the public and will be on a Tuesday, 6-8:00 p.m.  The tentative meeting schedule is as follows.

  • checkJuly 28: Meeting #1
  • checkAugust 25: Meeting #2
  • checkOctober 13: Meeting #3
  • checkOctober 27: Meeting #3 continued
  • To be Determined: Public Open House
  • To be Determined: Meeting #4

Additional meeting dates will be added if necessary.  Ideally, all of the remaining meetings will be in-person meetings so the meeting dates are dependent on Snohomish County entering Phase 3 of "Washington’s Phased Approach" of reopening businesses and modifying physical distancing measures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  However, if in-person meetings are not feasible but it is determined the planned meeting content will allow a remote meeting, then meetings will be offered remotely on-line via Zoom; as was the case with Meeting #1.

study area oblique (cropped)


Midtown planning process flowchart

The City Council adopted Ordinance 2403 to form a Task Force to be comprised of community members, some with expertise in land use, real estate and development and others who are tuned in to the community’s vision for this area.  

At least one meeting will be an open house where the public can review the Task Force’s initial recommendations and offer feedback.

Ultimately, the Task Force’s recommended code changes will go to the Planning Commission, which will study the recommendation and hold a public hearing before making a recommendation to the City Council.  The Planning Commission’s public hearing is tentatively scheduled for January or February 2021 to be followed by a City Council public hearing and decision in March or April 2021.

Public Participation

The public is encouraged to participate by attending Task Force meetings and the open house, and offering comments and feedback.  All written comments will be shared with the Task Force.  Each meeting will include a Public Comment portion at the end when, if time permits, the public will be able to address their comments directly to the Task Force.

To submit comments or to ask questions, email Planning Director Glen Pickus or mail them to Snohomish City Hall, attn: Glen Pickus, P.O. Box 1589, Snohomish, WA 98291.