Midtown District

The Midtown Planning District is the portion of Avenue D from Sixth Street north to SR 9 currently zoned Commercial. This area is being studied because generally it seems ready for redevelopment, and specifically, because the former Snohomish County public works yard site on the west side of Avenue D opposite 13th Street has been declared surplus by the County and will likely be sold to developers soon. The goal of the Midtown Planning District Project is to proactively consider the current development regulations to determine how these regulations might be updated to enable the redevelopment of the county site and surrounding area to occur in a way that benefits the community.


The City Council has adopted an ordinance to form a Task Force to be comprised of community members, some with expertise in land use, real estate and development and others who are tuned in to the community’s vision for this area. The Task Force will work with City staff and consultants to gain the knowledge they need to help them consider new development regulations and design standards for the area.

The Task Force meetings will be open to the public.  One meeting will be an open house where the public can review the Task Force’s initial recommendations and offer feedback.

Ultimately, the Task Force’s recommended code changes will go to the Planning Commission, which will study the recommendation and hold a public hearing before making a recommendation to the City Council. The Planning Commission's public hearing is tentatively scheduled for November 4, 2020 to be followed by a City Council public hearing and decision on December 1, 2020.

Task Force:

The Midtown Planning District Task Force members have been appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council on March 17, 2020. The members of the Task Force are:

Planning Commission: 

1. Mitch Cornelison 
2. Van Tormohlen   

Economic Development Committee: 

3. Gordon Cole 
4. Raymond Cook   

At Large: 

5. Paula Denney  
6. Rio Ingram 
7. Thomas Kreinbring 
8. Ethan Martez 
9. Katherine Thompson 
10. Karl Houtman 
11. Jeanette Pop 
12. Alice Armstrong
13. Kyle Stevens  

midtown planning district (2)
The Midtown Task Force meetings are being rescheduled due to COVID-19 meeting protocols. Updates to the schedule will be made when gatherings no longer pose a risk to health.
Midtown Planning District (cropped map)

If you have any questions or want more information about this project or the Task Force please don’t hesitate to contact Planning Director Glen Pickus at pickus@snohomishwa.gov