Tiny House Motel Project

An application has been submitted for a Site Development Plan (SDP) for an 8-unit motel at 120 Willow Avenue. Each unit will be a standalone “tiny house”.  A ninth unit is proposed for a lobby/office. The proposed development includes utilities, landscaping, off-street parking, and sidewalk improvements. The property is located in the Mixed Use zone, where hotel/motel uses are allowed with an SDP.  If the proposal is found to comply with all relevant regulations and standards the application will be administratively approved as required by Snohomish Municipal Code. 

The current application is for approval of the site plan. Review of the tiny house structures will take place later when building permits are applied for.  However, given the public’s interest in this project staff asked the applicant to provide some preliminary information about the tiny houses.  The following images were provided by the applicant. These images are conceptual in nature and are intended to inform interested parties what the structures might look like inside and out.  With the building permit applications more detailed drawings will be provided.  Those drawings could differ from these conceptual images.  The building plans will be reviewed for compliance with the International Building Code and the International Fire Code.  What amenities (e.g. kitchenettes, bed size) the developers offer in each unit are up to them and not subject to any City requirements.

Conceptual elevations and floorplan

Application documents

Additional Information