Past Public Comments

Comments from the Sept. 12 Community Open House

Approximately 30 people attended the public open house. Staff compiled the following themes based on public comments at the meeting.

Goal for the building and site

  • Create a point of interest and connection to 1st Street for the community and businesses 
  • Bring back the original design of the Carnegie Library for future generations of the City of Snohomish, a gift from today’s community for the “next 100 years”
  • Two legacy trees located on the back side need to remain
  • In addition to accessibility, a new kitchen, technological updates such as connectivity to networks and the internet are needed
  • The (revised master) plan will revitalize the area and connection to 1st street and Centennial Trail
  • Landscaping needs to address long term community benefit
  • We need a new cherry tree planted! 
  • Create and organic part of Snohomish like a Town Square
  • Support the Council-approved plan
  • Remove the annex
  • Create a park in place of the annex

Funding  Carnegie improvements

  • Not to focus too much on budgets but needs and wants for the future
  • Outline the present-day projected costs to run the Carnegie without the Annex
  • Include revenue from the user fees as a part of the project analysis
  • Bring costs down for the project, enough to be manageable

Uses of the Carnegie building

  • Flexible uses for cultural, art and events; community meetings and gathering, business, and private functions/events, weddings, and classes
  • Veteran’s Memorial location
  • Create a destination point, sense of place, complement and connect to 1st Street’s community and businesses
  • Building is a landmark and needs to be cared for as such, and be a destination point
  • Change site to be a park/open space to help support events such as the current adjacent Farmer’s Market


  • We have been waiting since 2005!
  • The (annex) is an eyesore

Community engagement

  • Continue strong communications and engagement with the community  throughout the process