Discounted Utility Rates

Senior & Disabled Customers

Low income senior citizens and people with disabilities may apply to receive water, sewer and garbage services at one quarter of the monthly minimum charge. To qualify, you must:

Be 62 years of age or older OR

Have a permanent disability

Own and occupy a single-family residence within the city

Meet low income requirements

Low Income Application - online

Low Income Application (PDF)

Vacant Property Discounts

If your property will have no one living there and no active business (other than construction or demolition) for a period of time, you can request a reduced rate for water and garbage service.

Inactive Water Rate

A discounted rate is available for properties where no water use is expected for at least 180 days (6 months). The "Abandoned Occupant" rate for all meter sizes is $10 per month within City limits, and $15 per month outside of City limits.

Abandoned Rates Form

Abandoned Rates Form (PDF)

Rate Adjustment for Leaks

If you get an unexpectedly high bill, you may have a water leak. You can request an adjustment to that bill if you find and fix a water leak.

Request for Leak Adjustment

Request for Leak Adjustment (PDF) (download and complete)