Police & Public Safety


Snohomish Police Commissioned Staff

The City of Snohomish contracts with the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office for law enforcement services.  All the Officers/Deputies are Snohomish County Sheriff's Deputies, hired and trained by the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office.  The officers/deputies working in the City of Snohomish are county deputies who have a work assignment in the city.

For information on job openings for Snohomish County Sheriff, please visit Snohomish County Human Resources.


The City of Snohomish contracts with the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office for police services; the officers/deputies patrolling the city are sworn sheriff's deputies who are assigned to work exclusively as Snohomish patrol officers.  While they may assist the Sheriff's Office with nearby emergency calls, their time is dedicated to working in and for the City of Snohomish.

The civilian staff at the police department (reception, records, community service) are all City of Snohomish employees who provide non-emergency services to city residents.

The Snohomish Police Department serves a resident population of more than 9,200 and a daytime population of approximately 15,000.

We are a contemporary agency with a combined commissioned and non-commissioned staff of 20 personnel who provide outstanding services to the city.


The Snohomish Police patrol staff consists of four crews,  There are two crews on the day shift and two on the night shift, and split the week for their work days.  Additionally, Snohomish is centrally located between the North, East and South Sheriff’s Office precincts; therefore, Snohomish acts as a hub for many deputies and command staff while on patrol.  It is not uncommon for citizens of Snohomish to see Snohomish police officers working alongside sheriff's deputies on police calls within the city.

The Snohomish Police patrol staff also includes a tracking K9, Deputy Wallin and his partner Ronin. PHOTO


There are two detectives assigned to the Snohomish Police Department, supervised by the Administrative Sergeant.  All three are available to assist patrol in scene investigations and follow up on property and persons crimes in the city.  Additionally, the police department has available the services of the Sheriff's Office Major Crimes Unit (violent crimes,) Special Investigations Unit (crimes against children,) and Collision Investigation Unit (serious accidents involving a crime.)

Community Service Officer

The City employs a civilian community service officer to assist the patrol staff with quality of life issues. 

  • Animal related calls for service. This includes licensing, barking or stray dogs, aggressive animals, wildlife issues/complaints, and any type of animal neglect or cruelty complaints.
  • Abandoned or junk vehicles and parking problems. Due to limited parking in some areas around the city, parking laws are enforced. For more information about our city’s parking regulations please visit the city webpage.
  • Vehicle lock out complaints at no cost to the citizens. She is the only employee authorized to provide these services to the community. Her hours of availability are Tuesday – Friday during business hours.
  • Our CSO also responds to requests to assist patrol officers with traffic control, evidences search or transport, and other various law enforcement tasks as needed.

Police Records

The Police Department has a records manager and records clerk/receptionist to assist the patrol staff and the public with police records needs.  Their duties include maintaining police report records, processing concealed weapon permit applications, and responding to public records requests.