Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is central to land use and infrastructure planning under the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA). The Plan expresses a vision for the City in its goals and policies and serves as a guide for future development. It identifies those characteristics the community desires to retain, reinforce, and achieve as the City grows; it establishes the policies to realize the goals; and it identifies the resources necessary to provide services to the residents and businesses now and in the future. The vision contained in the policies is of a self-sufficient community where its citizens can live, work and play.  Planning for the City's future extends outside the current city limits to include an Urban Growth Area (UGA) within which the City may expand.

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2024 Periodic Update

While amendments to the Comprehensive Plan may be made each year, the document is required to be fully updated every 8-10 years.  The plan was last updated in 2015.  The next update must be completed by December 2024.  The planning horizon is to the year 2044.

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What's In the Plan?

There are some required elements of the Comprehensive Plan.  Each element includes an inventory or assessment of the current situation as well as policies to direct growth in a way that supports the community’s vision.  Additionally, there is new legislation and changes to PSRC’s MPPs that need to be included in the update that were not previously required.

Required Plan elements:

Additional elements in Snohomish’s existing Comprehensive Plan:

  • Environmental Protection
  • Shoreline

New considerations for the 2024 update

  • Social Equity
  • Climate Change
  • Increased requirements for Housing needs

How Can I Participate?

There are multiple opportunities to get involved, and more chances are coming up.   Review the programs below, and keep an eye out for upcoming announcements.  Return to this page to see updates, and fill out the Questionnaire linked at the top of the page!

  1. Civic Ambassadors
  2. Kids Design Snohomish
  3. Our Future Snohomish Carnival

Civic Ambassadors

We need to hear from all voices as we develop the periodic update to provide for an equal opportunity all community perspectives to be considered.  Our Civic Ambassadors will broaden the City’s reach by engaging with their friends, neighbors, and associates, and championing for full, well-informed engagement and participation.

Civic Ambassadors will receive special training and support from city staff in order to be successful and effective.  Ambassadors will volunteer and attend at various community events to help share information and collect feedback.

Keep your eye out for this group, and strike up a conversation about planning for the future of Snohomish!

  • Bill WebsterCivic Ambassador
  • Kelly Holderman
  • Tabitha Baty
  • Julie Campbell
  • Cassie Chin
  • Janice Lengenfelder
  • Justin Fox-Bailey
  • Addie Domske
  • John Calvin
  • Heather Cunningham
  • Penny Zettlemoyer

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Stay Informed

The Planning Commission reviews proposed amendments and seeks public comment during the review process. Meetings are held the first Wednesday evening of every month and are open to the public. Interested parties can track proposals via the Agendas link on this website.