Economic Incentives

Build Snohomish

This plan consists of four financial incentives for long-term private capital investment:
  • Multi-Unit Housing Development Tax Credit
    • Facilitating state-authorized property tax credits for creation of new housing within a mixed-use center such as the Pilchuck District
  • Hotel / Motel Tax Waiver
    • Following creation of a new hotel within the city limits, reduction or elimination of the current hotel / motel tax for a specified period
  • Qualified Small Issue Bond Sponsorship
    • Assisting manufacturing businesses (such as wineries, craft distilleries, and micro breweries) in obtaining financing via the Washington Economic Development Finance Authority’s private bond funding program
  • Single-Source Limited Tax General Obligation Bonds For Infrastructure Improvements
    • Financing improvements needed for private development using sales tax revenue generated solely from those developments

Additional details

View Resolution 1272 for further details on these incentives.