Weaver Road Senior Housing Project

An application has been made for a new senior housing development on Weaver Road.  This project is located across the street from the Shadowood Estates neighborhood, in the Business Park (BP) zone.  The Snohomish Municipal Code allows multi family development in the BP zone with a conditional use permit.  A public hearing is required, and will be advertised once scheduled.

The applicant is proposing 100 units within a single, five-story building with basement.  The proposed building height is 59 feet.  A parking lot for 121 spaces is proposed, with parking lot landscaping and street trees along the property frontage.

16-17-CUP Elevation

Senior Housing project documents

Issues Raised by Public Comments

The City has received public comments regarding this proposal.  The issues that have been raised by these comments are summarized below, with a response from staff.  All comments that are received will be included in the review package that goes to the Hearing Examiner prior to the public hearing.  Oral comments will also be taken at the hearing.  The Hearing Examiner will consider all public comments when making a Decision on the proposal.

  • Will potential noise impacts from neighboring commercial properties on future residents be addressed.  The proposed development is part of the overall Snohomish Business Park site, which extends south almost to 19th Street and west almost to Bickford Avenue.  The business park contains commercial businesses that have the potential to generate noise impacts.  Although the overall site is contiguous, more than 250 feet separates the proposed building from the nearest commercial use.  Physical conditions, including a fairly large vegetated wetland complex, will also act as a buffer between uses.
  • Bickford Ave bridge over SR-9 needs replacement.  This concern relates to the present state of the nearby bridge on Bickford Avenue that crosses over SR-9 and whether this new development should pay to replace the bridge.  The bridge is owned and maintained by the Washington State Dept. of Transportation (WSDOT), not the City.  Any improvements would require authorization from WSDOT, which has long-term plans addressing the bridge.  Developers can be required to provide infrastructure improvements.  Improvements to the street and utilities directly adjacent to the property being developed are common and will be required for this project.  Off-site improvements can be required in certain cases, but they are less common.  New development cannot be required to fix existing deficiencies.  Off-site improvements can only be required if there is a nexus (the new development is the direct cause of the need for the improvement) and then only if the cost is proportional (this is a subjective determination but basically means the cost of the improvement must be a small fraction of the total cost of the proposed new development).  In this case there is no nexus as the need to replace or enlarge the existing bridge will not be triggered by the 100 additional residential units being proposed, especially when compared to the amount of traffic that is already using the bridge and the fact the bridge is about ½ mile from the project.  It is also likely the cost of bridge replacement/repair would be out of proportion when compared to the cost of this project.
  • When will the intersection of Weaver Road and Bickford Avenue be improved?  This concern is related to a proposed improvement to install a signalized intersection at Bickford Avenue and Weaver Road.  City Engineering staff will begin design work on this intersection in 2018.  The work is anticipated to continue into 2019, and then staff will begin applying for grant funding for the construction.  A solid date is unknown at this time, but it is anticipated that construction of the intersection may be in 2020 or shortly thereafter.