Hal Moe Pool Site

Hal Moe Pool building with sign for committee meeting

After studying the current site and building remodel options, the City will demolish the Hal Moe Pool in spring 2018.

Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) funds of $700,000 will be used to remove the building, fill the existing pools, and hydroseed the ground. The property can then be used as open space park while master planning for further park development continues.

After hearing from the public to date, the Hal Moe Pool Advisory Committee envisions the park’s future to include  a small covered park structure, enhanced playground, covered skateboarding area, public art, pathways, seating, stage/amphitheater, restrooms, an area for special events, and improved landscaping.

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Agendas and minutes from the Hal Moe Pool Advisory Committee meetings are available below.

For more information or to submit ideas and suggestions, contact Denise Johns, Project Manager.

View a slideshow of existing conditions at the Hal Moe Pool site.

Hal Moe Pool Advisory Committee

The committee was appointed in January 2016. The advisory committee's mission is to make recommendations for a wide variety of compatible uses which support citizen need and are affordable and feasible.

Appointed members of the committee:

Kristel Armes
MaryPat Connors
Bob Dvorak
Marta Grunsky
Jerry Hautamaki
Laura Huntington
Shane Smith
Lya Badgley

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The Hal Moe Pool site is located in the city's Pilchuck District. The applicable development regulations can be found at this link.