Community Crime Issues

If you are experiencing quality of life or crime problems in your neighborhood, the Snohomish Police Department wants to help.  In some cases we may not be able to take immediate action, but we can help you locate resources.

Police Activity Map

Police Department data is used by a third-party vendor to create this Community Crime Map. 
The map is a graphical representation of calls in to our 911 center. It does not include exact addresses or details to protect confidentiality. Not all incidents are uploaded for investigative or officer safety reasons. The map is updated roughly every day.  

If you have a concern about police activity in your neighborhood, you can call Snohomish Police for information. 

Domestic Violence

The police department responds to and investigates domestic violence crimes.For family services and referrals, contact Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County.

24-hour crisis hotline:  425-25-ABUSE (425-252-2873)

Protection orders can prohibit an abuser from contacting you in any way.  Orders are issued by the County District Courts. Find out more about protection orders from the Snohomish County Clerks office.

Child Abuse and Neglect

You can make child abuse reports directly to Child Protective Services.
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has information about child safety and exploitation.

Elder Abuse, Senior Assistance

Adults who need assistance with abuse or neglect should contact Adult Protective Services , a section of the Department of Social and Health Services.  The department also offers services for seniors.
For people with dementia or other disorders who are at risk of wandering off and getting lost.  Project Care Tracker might help. The person is given a radio transmitter bracelet to wear. In the event they wander and are lost, Search and Rescue volunteers can quickly locate them with tracking equipment.

Medicine Disposal

To dispose of unused medication, you can bring your prescription medications to the police department. Unused medicine is securely stored and safely disposed of as part of the Snohomish County Partnership for Secure Medicine Disposal Program.
Improper disposal may lead to illegal use, and can also contaminate our waters. This program provides you with an easy, secure and responsible way to properly dispose of these drugs.

Teen Drinking and Drugs

The Snohomish Police Department and Snohomish School District created an informational power point for parents about drug use.  The Foundation for a Drug Free World has additional information and resources   Additional information may be found a t Project Know Understanding Addiction. You can also contact an officer for assistance.

Community Service Officer

The city has a community service officer to assist both police and residents. Our civilian officer can help with:

  • Animal issues, including licensing, barking or stray dogs, aggressive animals, wildlife complaints, and any type of animal neglect or cruelty complaints.
  • Abandoned or junk vehicles and parking problems.
  • Vehicle lock out assistance at no cost to citizens. Hours of availability are Tuesday – Friday during business hours.